3PAR Vision provides you intuitive access to your 3PAR storage array information and helps make decisions.

HPE 3PAR VISION dashboard
In today’s business climate, maximizing the efficiency of your IT assets correlates directly with the growth and profitability of your company. In order to obtain accurate information, IT administrators have to invest the bulk of their resources in laborious and manual processes to collect data, create dashboards and design reports that are essential for decision making.

The key metrics to adapt everyday challenges
Furthermore, businesses need to have an IT infrastructure capable to adapt itself to everyday challenges. To do so and to anticipate needed evolutions, advanced and pertinent metrics are key:
  • Complex capacity planning
  • Optimizing performance
  • Efficiency of the auto-tiering policies
  • Performance and latency real time monitoring
  • Storage resource management maintenance and updates
Most challenges are often not accurately forecasted because traditional solutions like Storage Resource Management which are not adapted to enable IT staff to proactively plan with accurate and intuitive information. Key data is often too complex to structure, interpret and use efficiently.

AntemetA simplify the daily management of your IT resources

Based on this principle, AntemetA has developed the application HP 3PAR VISION, delivering intuitive access to the information of your 3PAR storage arrays.It assists daily storage administrator as well as IT management to easily display and analyze essential information regarding their HP StoreServ environment You can control performance, supervise capacity and make decisions anywhere, every time. Indeed with this ultimate tool for controlling your HP 3PAR storage frame you are granted :
  • access to back-end or front-end performance with a detailed report including for example IOPS and bandwidth information (available for the entire array or per volume) or visualization of the regions moving between the different storage tiers (for easier monitoring of data placement)
  • supervise physical and virtual storage utilization
  • to be given the most relevant information in real time

The capacity planning charts enable IT staff to anticipate capacity upgrades and optimize available space. 3Instant access to accurate and complete information streamlines everyday administration and allows IT managers to make informed decisions.

Few clicks to generate automated and simplified reports about your 3PAR storage system

With HP 3PAR VISION for Microsoft Windows, reporting becomes automated and simplified on your HP StoreServ arrays. Displaying capacity planning and performance graphs in a single pane of glass makes complex reporting easy to generate and review. With HP 3PAR VISION control of your storage has never been easier.

Mobile and intuitive solution for a user-friendly experience !

Because your IT is working 24/7, HP 3PAR VISION is obviously compatible on different mobile devices. Combined with a wireless connection, you can tap to your information anywhere, experiencing the intuitive navigation. Only one clickand a scroll through a selection of charts are required to make fast and effective decisions. Histograms, trend curves, and pie chart graphics are designed to optimize your analysis. In addition, the application adapts to your needs through its customizable dashboard, providing access to essential information.

Fast and effective decisions

With HP 3PAR VISION, quickly detect and isolate performance problems to minimize and anticipate their impact on your projects. Manage your storage frame with consistent, real-time information on your used and free space. Anticipate changes in your architecture, logging capacity of your array and following trends over time. Get Adaptive Optimization information feedback to regulate the Service Level Agreement of your Datacenter. HP 3PAR Vision is an essential tool for making fast and effective decisions, anywhere, anytime.
The benefits
Everything you need to know about your storage system is now displayed in simple, pre-configured graphs and customizable interface.
  • Capacity planning: Instant view on data distribution, across different tiers, based on the historical System Reporter database for one to several systems.
  • Automatic and instant reporting: Run or plan reports in a few seconds, eliminating the challenging process typically experienced within a Storage Resource Management solution
  • Performance monitoring: Keep track of latency, IOPs and bandwidth used by volume. In case of performance issues, quickly address and reduce the impact on your production with email alerts.
  • Customizable interface: Configure your interface and display graphs relevant to critical information for a better and more efficient decision making regarding your own business.
  • Real-time monitoring: Data on graphs is updated every second on all your volumes and arrays.
  • Unusual events detection: Search for digression patterns: better control of your arrays with a tab showing all performance and capacity unusual activities.
3PAR PAR Vision requires to be installed in Windows environement and to be connected to System Reporter database or directly in SSH.
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