Optimise the software's experience of our customers

With its high level of expertise and experienced team of professionals, AntemetA has developed cutting edge software solutions, unrivaled in the industry. Developing and packaging its own tools and specific platform applications, AntemetA brings added value to customer’s looking for a partnership in system management.

Value-added solutions

Our dedication to R & D has brought AntemetA to the creation of interconnection solutions, plug-ins for virtualized environments, migration support tools, monitoring and space reclaim for HP 3PAR storage arrays, NAS management software and unique web interface for Unified Storage- delivering superior support to our clients.

Our R&D's epxertise at your service

Innovation and quality in AntemetA’s Software Solution Suite is not only attributed to Research and Development. 
Our Technical Team is comprised of industry subject matter experts, offering critical knowledge and effective trouble-shooting skills.  Customer feedback is taken seriously at AntemetA and, as a result, our software tools are designed in direct response to customer’s needs. AntemetA’s local presence in our markets has earned us international recognition.

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3PAR Vision                               3PAR Vision                                 StoreFile                         Reclaim Tool
AntemetA 3PAR VISION                      AntemetA Peer Persistence for AIX                      AntemetA STOREFile                      AntemetA Reclaim Tool                     

Data Mover                         GeoCluster                                       APOS
AntemetA Data Mover                   AntemetA GeoCluster                                         AntemetA AP/OS

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