Learn more about the ArcAbox solution, the secure cloud solution for your business data.

Companies must meet the new challenges related to the confidentiality of information and to the mobility of their employees. IT departments are subject to strong pressure from users who want to consume professional services as easily as personal services. However these are not as stringent in terms of policies of security and confidentiality of data. "File sync and share" solutions does not escape the rule. They are now largely democratized in private use often incompatible with professional use.

This humorous film presents the testimony of Jean-Michel Lavoi, CIO of SICULOR company. He chose the solution "la boiboite à data", which unfortunately is far from offering the security, confidentiality and practicality expected of a "file sync and share" solution.
Jean-Michel would have done better to choose the solution ArcAbox, THE file sharing and collaborative business solution. Distributed as a cloud service, ArcAbox  meets the challenges of CIOs in terms of functionality, mobility, privacy and data security.
ArcAbox enables teams and administrators to collaborate on important projects,even out of the office, while keeping control of IT resources and ensuring the highest level of security.

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