The ever-expanding number of data sources and connections to the enterprise IT system is considerably increasing the volume of data to be processed and stored (e-mail with bulky attachments, file servers or PC personal archiving spaces, multiple copies of the same data items). This is giving rise to an increase in the size and cost of storage spaces, which is also leading to an increasing amount of dead data. 

With expertise in these issues that has been built up over several years, AntemetA's teams place their major skills and know-how at your disposal and will work alongside you in setting up an advanced solution for archiving and ensuring the hierarchical storage of your enterprise's data. 
In particular, the resources we deploy rely on: 
  • A platform dedicated to POCs and demonstrations.
  • A tests platform dedicated to level 1 and 2 support teams.
  • An engineering team specialized and certified.

With Veritas Enterprise Vault, AntemetA offers you an advanced solution for archiving content for any NTFS or CIFS file server (for example, NAS). Featuring a tried and tested architecture, it offers smooth integration into the file server's environment and full upgradeability, even for the most complex systems. 

With this type of solution, enjoy the advantages offered by files system archiving:
  • Content archiving that is automatic and integrated
  • Rules-based archiving
  • Transparency
  • Extended searches
  • Optimization of storage resources
  • Reduction of back-up and restore tasks
  • Automatic recovery
  • Personal documents archiving (.pst .nsf)
  • Offline access to archived data

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