Choose your Cloud according to your IT strategy!

Storage specialized since 1995, discover our several storage services (private, public, hybrid and on-premises cloud) through our ArcanA offer. ISO 27001 certified solutions, your data are hosted in our french data centers spaces and so, subject to French and European legislation.

Cloud solution, yes but which one? 

We offer several cloud storage solutions, they all are multi-site replicable, only performance and availability vary:
  • PURE PERFORMANCE: SSD flash disk volume.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: high performance magnetic disk volume.
  • MEDIUM PERFORMANCE: magnetic disk volume.
  • CAPACITIVE PERFORMANCE: block or mode objects (S3) volume for cold data.

AntemetA sovereign Cloud
By choosing AntemetA cloud storage solution,
you protect your data by their host in France
and by the ISO 27001 certification of the Cloud solutions we offer.

AntemetA, your server rooms’ provider of on-premises infrastructure

Hosting and IT integrator since 1995, AntemetA has always provides storage solutions, racks, switches... and other hardware that can integrate an on premises server room in your company.

Regarding the terms desired, AntemetA teams can ensure the maintenance, the backup… of your materials (and more!).

Ask us + information by e-mail
or phone +331 306 233 22

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