A historic partner

Collaborative efforts between AntemetA and HP date back to 1997. This historic partnership has granted us the highest level of recognition as well as the status of being the first reseller of HP 3PAR mid-range SAN bays. Over the years, we have developed our skills in relation to the whole offer in order to demonstrate our mastery of back-ups, administration tools, servers, blade servers, as well as the HP Cloud offer. Our collaborative efforts go beyond mere reselling, because we have maintenance authority over the infrastructures proposed whether they are servers or storage and we have developed a whole ecosystem of software tools enabling greater efficiency in terms of using HP storage solutions.

A leading storage partner

Historically, AntemetA has had a very high level of expertise in relation to SAN storage and particularly the EVA range marketed by HP. Moreover, AntemetA was 3PAR's exclusive partner in France prior to it being taken over by HP in 2010. AntemetA has therefore become one of the leading HP storage partners in France with over 500 storage bays in maintenance on the premises of nearly 450 customers.

Joint development

AntemetA has major expertise and knowledge of HP technologies which have enabled it to develop a whole ecosystem of software solutions enabling administration to be facilitated and enabling the storage functionalities to be increased. HP's recognition is such that various of these developments are featured on the HP site such as the Vision, StoreFile and GeoCluster products.

Cloud partner

AntemetA launched its Cloud Computing offer in 2007 and decided to base this offer on HP technologies. The maturity of the offer and the commitment of their teams enables us to provide our customers with a totally robust solution that provides high performance and is broadly upgradeable. HP decided to recognise its very important partnership by certifying AntemetA as a CloudAgile.

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