For  more than 20 years, AntemetA is dedicated to research and qualification of technologies with the objective : quality of service for the computer generation of its customers.

Innovative company established in 1995, AntemetA enjoyed great success and shows a turnover of € 53 million. Today, to keep going, AntemetA put on a personalized customer management and technology choices assumed.

Currently based in Guyancourt AntemetA began its activity in a former car workshop. Founded by Stéphane Blanc, currently president of the company, AntemetA then had just four employees. In just 20 years, it has increased almost 45 the number of employees has now reached more than 180 people. For Stéphane Blanc, a true visionary of computer storage, data storage was a key issue for the coming years.

It has developed the business strategy around three innovative ideas : the interoperability of servers and applications, performance management and the explosion of data.

AntemetA in figures

  • Sustainable growth since 1995

  • Turnover: 2006 € 25M / 2015 € 53M (+15% per year for 5 years)

  • More than 700 company trust us (SMB, key accounts and public institutions)

  • More than 350 customers under maintenance contracts

  • More than 250 storage arrays installed and under maintenance

  • 180 people at your service - located in 6 offices throughout France

Key dates

2015: AntemetA celebrates 20 years and + 20% growth! ISO 27001 certification. Entry of 3PAR VISION software into HPE catalogue.

2014AntemetA strengthens its national presence and opens an agency in AIX en Provence. The South-Est region is covered and several significant customers already signed with AntemetA

2013: Strong development of the Cloud Computing activity - International distribution of AntemetA Software

2012: 120 employees - Inauguration of the new Headquarters in Guyancourt, France - Signature of a partnership with DELL

2011: Beginning of construction of the new Headquarters, financial consolidation

2010: 15 years birthday of AntemetA – - 90 employees divided between the headquarters and the 4 regional offices

2008: Exclusive partnership with 3PAR for France

2006: AntemetA launches LBO to definitely stop relations with D.FI

2001: AntemetA and the IT distributor merged

1998: AntemetA specializes in SAN storage and gains a strong expertise in Fiber Channel storage - the company has 15 employees

1995: Creation of AntemetA with 4 people

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