We commit about performance, data protection, interoperability and continuity of service for each IT platform that we deliver.

Integration service
The choice of tailor-made
We integrate new storage solutions and servers with minimal impact on existing IT architecture. To granularly treat the issues of performance and volume, we are able to tune the system configuration to an optimal use.

With AntemetA services, accelerate the start of production. Hardware and software are delivered preconfigured. With our stock of components, we ensure the availability of your equipment when required, even when manufacturers are out of stock.

Our team of specialists integrates for you all the components of your IT storage infrastructure.

An area and a dedicated team
Located on the main AntemetA site in the premises of our Guyancourt HQ, the integration service is spread over an area of 800 m², specially dedicated to the assembly of components and to the tests of the solutions before shipping.

Our team takes care of receiving, inventory management, integration, testing and output the equipment.

As part of the logistics of the project, the integration team optimally prepares the start of the project by:
  • Listing all the materials ordered
  • Ensuring the functional tests

Commitment & Quality
Success of the project depends on quality of the preparation. Success of the project depends on quality of the preparation. The process in place for several years now, enriched from past experiences, guarantees a storage equipment and servers almost ready for use upon delivery at the final location.

The integration of the components follows a proven process, allowing our employees to highlight any equipment failures prior to its production start. Thus, all components are tested before shipping to our customers, so that we can commit on the quality of service that we offer.

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