With AntemetA Reclaim Tool, save space and time with no risk to production.

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Reclaim Tool by AntemetA

AntemetA’s Reclaim Tool is a configurable solution, creating the ability to recapture storage space on the volumes of your array. Gain space and time with no risk of impacting your production environment.

Migration process: start “Thin”!

When migrating your data to an array using “Thin Provisioning” technology, AntemetA’s Reclaim Tool saves you considerable time and space, letting you start “Thin”.

Based on a multi-threaded engine, this tool has been developed to optimize zero writing speed and secure it on the volumes of your storage system.

Thus, it prevents the migration of blocks removed- but still allocated- on the disk.

Space reclamation on-demand: get “Thin”

When a file is created, blocks are allocated on the volume. By deleting it, these blocks become “unused” for the operating system. This suggests they become available for writing new files later on.

However, they remain allocated on the disk with non-zero data. Whether they are available on the operating system or not, every block will eventually be allocated and the entire volume will be filled. Combining AntemetA’s Reclaim Tool with “Thin Provisioning” and “zero detection” technologies of your array, get “Thin” by immediately recovering this available allocated space.

Only two clicks are required to gain maximum efficiency in reducing the over-allocation space.

Automation of space reclamation: stay “Thin”

Take advantage of the automation of space reclamation with the creation of scheduled zero writing tasks. AntemetA’s Reclaim Tool helps you automatically save storage space on a regular basis without any effort.

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