Backup and test your data recovery

Backup as a Service solution, the AntemetA BCS offers (Backup Cloud Services) outsources your company's data backup. Thanks to the ISO 27001 certification of our solution and the use of high technology in our infrastructure, you gain in security, flexibility and save IT budgets.

Backup Cloud Services, AntemetA Managed Backup solution

Backup as a Service solution, the AntemetA BCS offers (Backup Cloud Services) outsources the backup of your company’s data.
  • Licenses, hardware and services integration.
  • Your data are stored in our French and secure datacenter.
  • The exploitation and the supervision of your data are ensured by our "Network Operation Center" (NOC) 24/7.
  • Your recoveries requests are immediately processed and can be done at any time from AntemetA Cloud Portal.
  • You are charged for use, depending on the amount of your saved data.
  • You receive a daily reporting analyzing the last backups.
  • All of your backup policies are taken into account; whether on your main site or on your French and abroad agencies.
  • Through our long-standing partnerships, AntemetA experts perfectly master the backups solutions we propose.

AntemetA commitment! 
Depending on your contracts,
we can program random recoveries testing
on your machines.

Managed Backup or Outsourcing Understand the difference…

Backup Cloud Services, the AntemetA managed backup:
  • This service reinforces your team. The managed backup completes your team’s expertise and develops their skills on new technologies without new infrastructure investment. 
  • Although you are not managing it anymore, you stay the only one to have access to your data and your applications. AntemetA has no access to your business information. 
  • Payment for use, depending on your consumption. 
  • No need to redesign your existing infrastructure, our materials, our technical resources and our experts are at your disposal. 

A third company outsourcing offer:
  • This service outsources or replaces an existing team within the company.
  • Generally, the management of some applications is including in an outsourcing service, as well as the management of some operating systems. At this operation level, your data are accessible by the third company.
  • Annual lump-sum paiement and globalized billing, defined once and for all.

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