Messaging, business applications, ERP, data from virtualized environments... the AntemetA backup solution protects the data of your company through the optimization, the unification and the mastering process of his treatment.

From study to support, through deployment; AntemetA assists you from A to Z

Our backup solution is structured around 5 keys steps:
  1. The mapping of your company information assets: the existing ones and the ones we need to backup.
  2. The data classification from the SLA and the business requirements.
  3. The implementation of the solution from a compliant architecture, combining simplicity, resilience and availability.
  4. The functionality test to ensure a quality process following initial needs.
  5. Frequent restore of backuped data, to guarantee the recovery of your activity in case of disaster.

Backup you environnement!

    Maintenance authority:

    AntemetA Backup Experts have the highest level of skills
    and partners certifications, to manipulate your data.

Demos & tests plateform:

to meet customer data management issues,
a demo and POC platform (Proof Of Concept),
as well as a test platform, have been specially
created for our teams.

   Commitment & deadlines:

    for more security, we propose to complete our backup offers
    with a Service Level Agreement (SLA), ensuring the protection
    of the data we saved, according to their criticality.

Integrated to the ArcanA offer, by choosing AntemetA Backup
you become a Managed Service client and 
get a team of experts to manage your data backup.

Ask us more information by e-mail
or by phone +331 306 233 22

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