We offer continuity of service and position ourselves as the sole interlocutor of the design to maintain your storage projects.

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Auditing and consulting
Whether you want to reduce your costs, improve compliance, service levels, or availability, through its Auditing and Consulting Dept., we will help you to find the most suitable solution for managing your information and upgrading your IT architecture on a long-term basis, depending on your needs.

Installation and deployment
Reduce risk and accelerate value creation with a phased implementation of your projects based on your specific commitments. Our experience is based on interoperability testing and strong knowledge about the storage hardware and software components.  Our responsive team of engineers, consultant and project managers trained in storage project management, is resolutely oriented to commissioning, support and transfer of skills tailored around these solutions.

Each platform is subject of a commitment made by us regarding performance levels, data protection, interoperability, and service continuity. This is why all of the components are tested and assembled beforehand by us. This means we are capable of adapting the configuration of systems and accelerating their production start-up with a minimum of repercussions for the existing architecture.

Maintenance and support
Our knowledge of recurring issues enables us to take anticipatory action via preventive maintenance measures or on-site interventions in relation to all show-stopping situations, with this applying 24/7. AntemetA is a one-stop shop that guarantees responsiveness within an optimal timeframe when confronted with any sort of issue (relating to either hardware or software), identifying it, and coming up with a final solution for it.

Managed Services
AntemetA Business Continuity brings together AntemetA's Managed Services and Cloud Computing business lines: activity recovery plan "as a service", back-ups and servers on demand, a Private Cloud, and a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Thanks to its offers of services providing high added value, AntemetA Business Continuity provides its customers with flexibility and optimises their costs. They rid themselves of technical issues whilst at the same time making major gains in terms of competitiveness and the time to market.

For more information, please contact us by phone: +3313-062-3322 or with our contact page.

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