Operating IT infrastructures has become very time-consuming and does not constitute a major stake for enterprises.

Network Operation Center
A NOC operator

The efforts required to maintain a high level of expertise within teams are very difficult to shoulder in terms of training.

There are much more data centre technologies available today, making technology monitoring work essential yet difficult for the teams assigned this task, who often have reduced manpower.

In order to support its customers and help them to refocus on their core business areas, AntemetA has developed a managed services offer.

This offer is a natural supplement to our Cloud Computing offer.

This means you will have infrastructure that fully matches your needs and you will have the support of our teams of experts, who are fully trained in all the technologies we offer.

Managed services that adapt to your needs.

Our offer of managed services covers the whole of the Cloud Computing catalogue. We can offer this service on a one-off basis in order to deal with high demand or a temporary drop in your staff numbers, particularly during the holiday period.

We also offer this service on a recurring basis by operating your hardware. Our teams, which are centralised at our Network Operation Centre (NOC), take care of administration and the day-to-day operation of the area that falls under their responsibilities. They generate regular reports on the state of your infrastructures and on the state of progress in terms of demands.

Lastly, we also offer turnkey solutions such as the managed back-ups offer, including the hardware, licences and services part. This approach enables you to benefit from very competitive prices as you only pay for what you consume whilst at the same time benefiting from a service providing high added value that is guaranteed by exacting service levels.

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