Flash storage improves your IT performance and costs due to the latencies reduction, the breakages rate anticipation and its decrease, the deduplication, the compression...


Full flash storage performance finally accessible

Flash storage is a natural advancement of disk storage, where spinning disks are replaced by solid-state disks.
Long restrained by high costs and small capacities, full flash storage is now widely available thanks to bigger SSDs (4TB now, 8TB soon) and using deduplication and compression, reducing the number of axes needed for the same volume of data.

Get the "immediacy" claimed by your employees

SSDs have several perks compared to spinning disks:
  • almost non-existent latencies with less than 1 millisecond for SSDs vs 10-50 millisecond for spinning disks.
  • high performance, reading and writing, IOps and bandwidth
  • more reliability, and possibility to warn the user before a drive failure
Long reserved to heavy loads, flash storage is now accessible to any company willing to improve the performance of their IT systems.

AntemetA, storage expert since 1995

When the first full flash arrays were released, AntemetA was convinced that this technology was the future of storage: 
  • 3PAR: partnership formed in 2008.
  • Pure Storage: partnership formed during summer 2012. 
Our 10 years storage background and the use of full-flash technologies for our cloud, allow us to support our customers in their IT systems transformation.

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