Give more value to your maintenance service with our offer of surveillance automated and monitoring of your equipment.

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With our new solution, maintenance AntemetA offers you more services!

Enjoy our additional services of enhanced monitoring and supervision of your IT production equipment including pro-active management of your disruption. When troubles happen, our team is instantly alerted via SMS and contacts you within a specified time to bring appropriate response or solve them on-site, 24h/24h, 7/7 days.


Enhanced monitoring

Preconfigured and hosted on our data centers, our enhanced monitoring offer informs you about the all health and performance of your systems while warning you instantly in case of emergency. You do not need to switch between different monitoring interfaces when making a troubleshoot, often time-consuming and inefficient. AntemetA takes care of everything and keeps you informed near real-time!


360° view

Supervise all your equipment (whether or not maintained by AntemetA): storage, backup, SAN switches and LAN, Windows OS, AIX, VMware, chassis and servers. In case of troubles and according to the level chosen, you are alerted by our tool or proactively through our Support team (in 9/5 or 24/7 with on-site intervention if necessary).


No additional hardware investment, no time commitment

Our solution requires no investment in software licenses or additional servers. In addition, we provide the operational maintenance of the surveillance equipment. Your billing formula depends only on the maintenance service you have chosen, and no time commitment. You can stop the service at any time. With our Supervision service, AntemetA ensures the continuity of your business and your quietness very simply. * unless explicit commitment from the customer


Some compatible equipment

As a reminder, with the simplification of our Support department, in case of troubles you can contact our teams from this number :

                                              Customer Service: 0 800 22 24 24 (from France)

As part of this service, if your recipient does not support the inclusion of the alert within a given period, you get automatic escalation to the next level in a predefined escalation chain.

For the compatibility matrix* and prices, please contact us by clicking on 'Contact'.

For further information, please consult our datasheet.

*installation needs to be validated by our technical team

Choose the level you need: BASIC, ADVANCE (9*5 – 24/7) or PREMIUM (27/7 with on-site intervention and committed SLA).

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