Benefit of the Maintenance in Operational Condition 24 hours per day and 7 days per week!

To maintain in working condition your business applications, AntemetA Maintenance teams fix and optimize your data hosting infrastructure: servers, storage arrays, network, etc.
Reachable via the AntemetA Cloud Portal platform or by phone, the Maintenance Service is available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Expertise and customers experience 

AntemetA Technicians ensuring the Maintenance have the highest training and certification levels. During your demand process, you will always be in relation with the same expert who: 
  • will handle exchanges with your equipment manufacturers and providers. 
  • will implement preventive maintenance actions to secure the most recurring IT bottlenecks. 
  • will program on-site intervention when a problem requires it. 
  • will do the monitoring and reporting of your event from the start to the closing. 

AntemetA Quality of Service maintaining

Hotline logo

Single Window:

AntemetA customer service
answers all your maintenance
dand support requests 24/7.

spare parts logo

Stock of spare parts & tests:

in case of infrastructure failure,
we reproduce and test your environments in our benchs,
then quickly fix the dysfunction part
for a limited shutdown of your machines.
French map logo

National coverage:

our technical agencies are spread
over the whole French territory,
to fix every incident as fast as possible.

After hotline calls prequalification,
80% of the problems are directly solved by our technicians!

Ask us + information by e-mail
or phone +331 306 233 22

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