Virtualization is at the core of the datacenter and has become an essential part of IT projects.

Virtual datacenter
Virtual monitoring
Preparing your future IT system using virtualization
Bolstered by its experience in the storage sector (since 1995), for several years now AntemetA has deployed numerous resources in order to become a major actor in the virtualization sector. 

Its know-how is based on:
  • A specialized team of consultants, specialist engineers, project managers, system engineers, and support engineers.
  • A demonstrations platform enabling all of the virtualisation solutions to be presented.
  • A tests platform enabling the majority of customers' environments to be set up.    

Virtualization enables enterprises to reduce IT costs by consolidating servers, but it also provides value for them.
Virtualization benefits:
  • Agility, by limiting interruptions to services.
  • Security, via activity recovery and continuity mechanisms.
  • Efficiency through the ease and speed of deployment of the applications infrastructures.
  • Performance, by automation and resource management.
  • Scalability, by the flexibility and simplification of upgrades.
  • For the future, through development towards Cloud Computing solutions.

Virtualization does not stop at the server; it is continuing to make inroads. 
Having encompassed servers and critical applications for enterprises, we are now proposing the virtualization of user stations, applications, and the network, right through to the datacenter and the creation of a private, hybrid or public Cloud.
All of the actors in the IT sector, publishers and manufacturers, have provided new functionalities which are enhancing virtual environments and are thereby enabling enterprises to capitalize on their virtualization solution.

AntemetA, which is recognized for its high level of expertise, is increasing its level of skills in the virtualization sector in relation to each of its various partners.
Find more information about our partners and our offers based on virtualization:

VMware, Veritas, Microsoft, TrendMicro, Veeam, PlateSpin, HPE 3PAR, Pure Storage, Dell

For more information, please contact us by phone: +3313-062-3322 or with our contact page.    

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