"Because it is better to be drawn by the future than pushed by the past", AntemetA has defined an ambitious growth plan, sustained through innovative offers.

Our Vision

For some years now, our added value has been based on constantly seeking out innovative services and technologies intended to anticipate the perpetual changes in your needs and to respond to your budget constraints. During the initial stage, we opted for the SAN, we developed strong expertise in relation to virtualisation and back-ups, and we were the exclusive 3PAR partner in France, whilst at the same time providing support for all of the solutions that we distribute. Nowadays, an even greater change is driving us because, at the same time as retaining our know-how, we are developing our business by offering more services and greater added value.

Faced with the development of the IT storage market and its transformations, the various security-related constraints keep growing tighter and the volumes involved are exploding. Data now constitute enterprises' digital heritage and shall continue to do so in the future. Data constitute the core of their business, and data protection is a growing issue. Having responsiveness and flexibility is a growing demand from enterprises which AntemetA strives to respond to on an ongoing basis. In our view, it is essential to support you with your projects whilst providing you with a clear, concrete vision of the storage sector. How? By maintaining regular, proactive technology monitoring and by sustaining our expertise by frequently refreshing our skills. "

Our Missions

Because it is better to be drawn by the future than pushed by the past, AntemetA has defined an ambitious growth plan, sustained through innovative offers.

Software developments: Being convinced that innovation and research have a role to play in France, years ago we opted to create an R&D sector. We make unique software solutions like Vision available to you in order to monitor your HP 3PAR bays in real time and, just recently, StoreFile, which combines SAN and NAS with great simplicity. A development contract has also been signed for an American start-up in the Flash storage sector.

Flash storage: Being aware of developments on the storage market, we have established an exclusive partnership for France with the manufacturer Pure Storage. Consequently we offer full-Flash storage solutions integrating compression and deduplication technologies with a very low latency level, offering users unrivalled performance at optimal costs.

Cloud Computing: Since 2007, AntemetA has been marketing a Cloud Computing offer which has already won over a large number of customers, including CAC40 companies. The synergies provided by our skills, the technological choices made, and the added value provided by our development business line, as well as the quality of our support, have enabled us to design a fully operational, mature offer. This maturity and full control of the chain, thereby limiting our dependence, guarantee our commitments in terms of quality and service levels. Discover our services for managed back-ups, on-demand Activity Recovery Plan, and on-demand virtual servers in the form of a Public, Hybrid or Private Cloud.


Selecting an offer or a solution or starting up a project entails adopting the corporate identity which will provide a vehicle for them. AntemetA's identity is based on various values, including respect and each of its members maintaining the DNA of our company. These values are based on:

  • Fulfilling our commitments
  • Team spirit
  • Innovation
  • Sustainable growth and environmental friendliness
  • Success and loyalty.


Our commitment to the environment

Our growth is considered and measured. It incorporates environmental and sustainable development concepts enabling us to offer products that provide energy savings. Our head office was built in a BBC-HQE building (a Low Consumption - High Environmental Quality Building - the first building housing an SME to receive this certification in Saint Quentin en Yvelines), which provides access for disabled people. Our determination to be environmentally friendly is also illustrated by our waste management, recycling, and establishment of sustainable development and green technologies. It also entails the establishment of a carbon emissions compensation programme linked to the manufacture of the products that we market. We are also making provision for setting up beehives on the roof of our building in order to contribute to balancing the ecosystem.

Development of sustainable Human Resources

Actions for developing sustainable human resources (within the context of corporate social responsibility) have been implemented within the company. These actions facilitate job creation, apprenticeship and professionalisation contracts, initiatives in favour of the disabled, and staff facilities (sports room, recreation room, kitchen, terrace), training courses and social benefits. 

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